Established 2004


Fostek Corporation develops and manufactures high quality Vinyl/Nitrile/Neoprene blends for foam applications across a wide variety of industries. Vinyl/Nitrile blends (also known as Nitrile/Vinyl; PVN; PVC/NBR) and Vinyl/Nitrile/Neoprene blended (also known as PVC/NBR/CR) foam are one of the categories of engineered foams produced in our IATF 16949:2018 certified production facility in Bedford, VA.

Fostek has developed a proprietary technology for our diverse family of Vinyl/Nitrile/Neoprene blend foams. These foams deliver outstanding physical properties, mechanical performance, and compatibility with wide varieties of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA). Acrylic, rubber, butyl tape and other PSAs can be applied to some of these products to meet customer specifications for the high adhesion performance.
Fostek’s Vinyl/Nitrile/Neoprene blends are generally known for their durability and resistance to oil. Our foams also possess a high process capability allowing our products to meet or exceed automotive and non-automotive specifications. We also produce certain foams that conform to UL specifications for appliance, HVAC and electrical and building industries.
Fostek’s Vinyl/Nitrile/Neoprene blends are used in applications such as gaskets, seals, anti-fatigue mat cushioning, floor matting and acoustic / sound control in heavy trucks, military vehicles, tractor cabs, as well as in athletic padding, weather stripping, appliances, and other general industrial applications.

Our Vinyl/Nitrile and Vinyl/Nitrile/Neoprene foam offerings include semi-closed cell super soft and ultra soft foams; closed cell foam, and custom foam blended products. For more information on Fostek’s Vinyl/Nitrile/Neoprene blends, please view the pages in our drop-down menu. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, or discuss the specifications for your application. 
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