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Harry Schickling Scholarship Awarded 2023!

The picture left to right are the following:
Anna Grohs, Miriam Ramos-Rosales, Caleb Grohs, Phil Foster, CEO / President of Fostek Corporation, Emily Neel not able to attend for picture. 

Fostek Corporation created the Harry Schickling Scholarship in 2014. It carries on in memory of Harry, an honorable family man, Christian, veteran, engineer, a proud American patriot, and a truly loyal Bedford citizen. Harry and Fostek wanted to assist students interested in furthering their education / training in manufacturing and technology.

In the latter part of his business career, Harry was an executive at Fostek Corporation, a Bedford manufacturing company formed in 2004. While there, the idea was hatched that Fostek would help local students focusing in areas of skills needed by local companies.

After Harry's passing, Fostek initiated this scholarship in his name to provide incentive to students in hopes they would stay or return to Bedford, finding good careers in local companies.

Fostek Corporation CEO, Phil Foster, has awarded the following Virginia Tech students with Harry Schickling Scholarships for the Fall Semester of 2023.

Anna Grohs, Miriam Ramos-Rosales, Caleb Grohs, and Emily Neel. 

We congratulate them and wish them much success in their future careers.

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