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Fostek Named 2014 Large Business of the Year

Each year, the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce completes an extensive process to find deserving businesses for their Excellence in Business Awards. The Chamber recognizes businesses and individuals in five categories, Small Business; Large Business; Agribusiness; Non Profit; and Citizen of the Year. All nominees are submitted by community members and a special task force is assembled made up of representatives from all over the County to review each organizations accomplishments in the previous year.

The Large Business of the Year is given to a company of 51 or greater employees that has made a significant contribution to the growth of Bedford, is recognized for the integrity of its business operations, and has demonstrated an active interest in participation in civic and benevolent activities in the area. At this year’s Annual Dinner, the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce was pleased to recognize Fostek Corporation as the winner of the Large Business of the Year.

Fostek Corporation opened as a manufacturer of engineered rubber and plastic polymeric foam because there was an absolute necessity in the market for highest quality products meeting stringent specification, excellent customer service, and very good technical expertise. Since then, Fostek has successfully grown from nothing, to a strong customer focused, technically based Manufacturing business, that has attained the highest quality certification for manufacturers supplying materials to the automotive manufacturers.

In 2014, the company grew by almost 20% driven by new sales for new applications. Fostek attributes their success to customer focus, doing things right and honestly. But it’s not just customers. Fostek has been able to reach a point to return goodwill back to this community. They make cash contributions to the National D-Day Memorial, contribute needed items to the local community college for continuing training and education, established a scholarship fund in the name of Harry Schickling with the assistance of the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce, and donate to organizations in Bedford that provide direct assistance to those most in need of food and utilities. They also make efforts to recognize employees as a critical part of their success, people who want to do a good job…not just a job.

Fostek faced strong competition from major Bedford employer Sam Moore Furniture, 40 Years Strong; Wooldridge Heating, Air & Electrical; and expanding Simplimatic Automation. For more details on each nominee, visit the In the News Section of the Chamber website at or watch the nominee videos at

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