Established 2004

Industrial Foam

  • Weather stripping foam
  • Kneeling pad foam
  • Acoustics/Sound control
Fostek Corporation develops and manufactures industrial foam for a wide variety of industrial applications.  Our products include closed cell and semi-closed cell foams (in rolls and custom profile shapes) from multiple combinations of plastic and rubber blends of EPDM, PVC/Nitrile Rubber, and Neoprene blends.
Fostek’s industrial foam is used for specialized gaskets and seals, and other applications that require sound and acoustic control, energy efficiency, resistance to heat, chemicals or oil, and durability in demanding conditions. Many of our foams offer compatibility with wide varieties of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA).
Fostek Corporation also manufactures industrial foam for custom foam and profile needs. Our team of experienced chemists and technicians are skilled in producing formulas targeted to a broad range of required specifications and new requirements.
Our processes are tested and monitored from beginning to end to ensure consistency and quality.  We take the time to listen to our customers and understand their needs based on the application, the “fit for use” demands of the very end customer, and desired foam physical properties. We highly value direct communication and strive to provide outstanding customer service for all of our customers.
Thank you for your interest in industrial foam products from Fostek Corporation.  For more information on any of our products please contact our sales office by phone at 574-284-1000 or click here to contact us.

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