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EPDM Super Soft Foam, Semi-Closed Cell

Fostek Corporation manufactures high quality plastic and rubber blended, closed and semi-closed cell foams in our continuous roll process as well as in custom profile shapes. Fostek has developed and produces our family of EPDM super soft, semi-closed cell and ULTRA SOFT foams in our IATF 16949:2018 certified production facility in Bedford, Virginia.

What is Fostek’s “point of difference”?

Fostek Corporation defines our EPDM super soft, semi-closed cell / ultra soft foam family as foams, when tested to ASTM D1056 @ 25% compression deflection, results in a range of 2 kPa max up to 13.8 kPa max. See list below:
  • Type 3996.3 = 2kPa max
  • Type 3996.2 = 5kPa max
  • Type 3996.1 = 6.9 kPa max
  • Type 3996 = 13.8 kPa max.
           **Type 8996.8 = 0.8 - 4.0 kPa max.
          ** 8996.8 is Fostek’s higher density, super soft, semi-closed cell EPDM foam
Fostek’s POINT of DIFFERENCE encompasses choices of compression deflections and densities to target specific applications and needs. Fostek can “tune-in” its foams for new engineering and design challenges to deliver the performance that is desired.

These materials are VERY conformable and accommodating. They are excellent choices when gap opening spaces may not be perfectly consistent when matching one rigid surface part with another rigid surface part across a defined area/length. Fostek’s super soft, semi-closed cell or ULTRA-SOFT foam, in a single gauge part, can effectively and efficiently seal an opening on the “plane” of a part assembly having varying gap distances across that gap “plane”. In a single Fostek super-soft or ultra-soft foam part, a desired/engineered closure seal of a smaller gap opening can be sealed next to/near a larger gap opening all on the same part assembly plane. Engineers/designers have the choice of utilizing different degrees of softness/conformity when choosing a Fostek foam that best fits the functional need (i.e. matching an injection molded plastic part to a metal part). Our soft, conformable, easily compressible foams also provide the opportunity to address ergonomic challenges for operators during the actual assembly process.

What is EPDM Semi-Closed Cell, Super Soft and ULTRA SOFT Foam used for?

Fostek’s super soft, semi-closed cell and ultra soft foam delivers excellent performance and durability to a variety of applications. Our proprietary “family” of EPDM foam products are used in the automotive industry for a variety of applications and can be either die cut or in custom profile form, often with PSA.
  • NVH (noise, vibration, & harshness) seals, gaskets, pads, closure strips, pillar stuffers, cushioning in or around windshields, door panels, instrument panels, headliners, etc.
  • Acoustic / sound control in or around windshields, door panels, instrument panels, headliners, etc. These are often used alone or in composite to achieve STL (sound transmission loss) targets in a vehicle component “system”…i.e. a door “system” that includes the metal door, the glass, and the inner cabin door trim panel.
Note: In some systems, fostek’s epdm foam with skin 2 sides might be used at 5mm (+/-) as a functional acoustic/moisture control material.
  • HVAC seals and gaskets providing air and water sealing.
  • APPLIANCES utilize these foams for the same performance reasons as listed above.
  • Applications that need very good UV resistance and a wide operating temperature are excellent applications for our EPDM foams: weather stripping; construction seals; window glazing seals, etc. These are used in custom profile form as well as die cut and stripping.

What is the difference between Fostek’s EPDM Super Soft Foam and Fostek’s EPDM Ultra Soft Foam?

Fostek Corporation defines our ULTRA SOFT as foam, when tested to ASTM D1056 @ 50% compression deflection, results in a 2 kPa max. This is our type 3996.4.
Fostek’s ULTRA SOFT EPDM foam is often the best choice when there are significant swings in a gap that needs to be sealed. Due to the extreme softness and ease of compressibility of our EPDM foams in this category, tolerances of the foam can be wider to accommodate gap closure requirements WITHOUT affecting assembly issues or ergonomic realities.\

Many of the applications are the exact same as those reviewed in the previous section.

More information about Fostek EPDM Semi-Closed Cell, Super Soft Foam

Fostek’s continuous roll technology produces EPDM super soft, semi-closed cell foam rolls that range in gauge from 3mm thick to 50+ mm thick. Even at 50+mm, Fostek’s semi-closed cell technology produces a relatively consistent cell structure. Rolls are available in a variety of widths and lengths. The most common widths are a roll of a minimum width of 54 inches and a roll with a minimum width of 27 inches. Black is the most common color, however, we have also produced EPDM foam in a natural color. Other colors may be available based on minimum volume requirements. Depending on certain parameters, the semi-closed cell, super-soft foams are available with skin-two-sides, skin-one-side, and no skin. The most common packaging for these products to adequately protect them during shipping and handling is to place them in boxes on skids.
For more information on Fostek’s EPDM super soft, semi-closed cell foams, please contact our sales office at 574-284-1000 or click here to contact us and receive a prompt reply.
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